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A prime time for learning

Conner Lewis

Luke Farris, a fifth-grader, says he never would have made it on the Straight-A Honor Roll without his after-school program, adding that it “gives children who don’t have computers at home extra time” to learn in the afternoons. Eighth-grader Nadia Pereida sings the praises of her “amazing” after-school program, singling out classes she’s taken in Lifetime Adventures, cooking, robotics, dance and soccer. And Axel Suastegui says simply that his after-school program “makes me feel happy and safe.”

Those three students all participate in After-School All-Stars programs in Nevada. There are millions more like them in after-school programs all over the country who are improving their grades in reading and math, attending school more regularly and getting involved in exciting extracurricular activities while their parents are at work.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/10/opinion-arnold-schwarzenegger-a-prime-time-for-learning-99053.html#ixzz2jeg7UUrI